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I would happily certify it if I had the resources. Unfortunately for Primo (which can run about 64 concurrent tasks at a time), the time complexity for certifying N prime is at least O(ln(N)^4). I had asked about how long it would take to run some time ago.

In A PM, I was given these averages times for certifying a 25k digit number.

64 cores (22.5 days)
32 cores (45 days)
16 cores (3 months)
8 cores (6 months)
4 cores (1 year)

So for 50k digits, we have

64 cores (360 days) Almost a year!!!
32 cores (720 days)
16 cores (1440 days)
8 cores (2880 days)
4 cores (5760 days)

At best, you could probably certify R49081 in just a little under a year.
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