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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
1. Older-generation infiniband cards are not very expensive; if one were serious about tackling jobs too large for one's best machine, a pair of IB cards with a single cable should net good msieve-MPI results.

2. I think I have openMPI installed and configured on my Z620, but msieve-MPI (self-compiled) does not function. Might you email me your msieve-MPI linux binary?
Originally Posted by EdH View Post
1. I will have to check out the IB cards. I'm also revisiting the mpi aware bwc part of CADO-NFS, which I have experimented with already. I had some of the examples running, but not a real test case.

2. As to openmpi, if you're running Ubuntu 18.04, the repository openmpi is broken. It will not work if you try to use more than the localhost, which makes it rather useless. I've tried installing the latest version from the source site, but never got it to run, either. This is actually keeping me from upgrading all my 16.04 machines. I will try to search out the binaries and send them your way. I know there are three main files to install - openmpi-common, openmpi-bin and libopenmpi-dev. Give me a day or so. Locate and whereis didn't turn up anything.
1. The cards are pretty inexpensive, but the cables are more than the cards. I might have to try this, perhaps "just for fun."

2. I was confused as to which binary(ies) you were interested in. Rather troubling, since you were specific! I'm assuming you're not interested right now, since the mpi msieve seems to be having some trouble, per previous posts and I believe your issue is really the 18.04 openmpi issue?
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