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Default To 100M to 75 Bits

YYYY-MM   71-Exp    71-Days   72-Exp    72-Days   73-Exp    73-Days   74-Exp    74-Days   Total-Days
2016-11  287,983  1,514,036  353,420  3,721,261  376,132  7,957,670  400,961  17,290,758  30,483,724
- All exponents 66M to 99M should/will be factored to 75 Bits.
- Equal distribution of exponents in each Million range.
- Used GhzDays for x.5M exponent for the entire Million range
- Reduced by exponents expected to be factored in each range

DID NOT account for what P-1 would eliminate though I believe that is NOT done until after TF to 75 is done.
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