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Some technical background (assuming old naming conventions):

There should be two save files for your exponent, pO983639 and qO983639. A third file, rO983639 will be created when progress needs to be saved. Then either the p- or q-file will be deleted and the r-file renamed accordingly.

Now the error says the r-file could not be written. This may mean what cheesehead and Uncwilly said, or filesystem corruption, or bad disk blocks, or simply that a file of that name already exists, and is write protected. Make sure that this is not the case. Also make sure the p- and q-files are not write protected, either (if they exist). I'm not sure whether there's a separate error message if the renaming fails.

If you don't mind about your 0.09% progress, you could even simply remove whichever of the 3 files exist, and restart the exponent from scratch.

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