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Default GMP-ECM 6.2.1 exit with 0xc00000fd

on the Boinc ecm system I have now some ecm curves, which exit with above exit code. My impression is that this more often the case when I run big numbers. The below example run numbers with 58000 digits. I use the gmp-ecm 6.2.1 core2 win64 version from Jeff for this.

This workunit crashed until now on 2 systems, system1, system2. Both system are running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 "R2".
Here you can see command line, input and generated output.

Here a second workunit which crashed in the same way on 2 systems. But now one system is Windows Vista.
The 2 systems:
Command line, input, output:

Any idea what can be the problem?
The output file of all 4 tries stopped at the same point, so it seems they crashed on the same step in phase 2.

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