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I just ran the range for a few minutes on an older sieve file and got:

p=3669001450868261 divides k=58368778419
p=3669003206217887 divides k=40606403835
p=3669004422323183 divides k=38889311241
p=3669005020332991 divides k=92447326095
p=3669005638673587 divides k=18483520659
p=3669009893724629 divides k=51821379291
p=3669015488938109 divides k=33129641289
p=3669016155944927 divides k=59154687891
p=3669017056002601 divides k=35855259879
p=3669018250604501 divides k=71430565791
p=3669018683120227 divides k=45213359259
p=3669019901707057 divides k=43140432921
p=3669021113499263 divides k=21167082975
p=3669022587088711 divides k=63364682019
p=3669023404938007 divides k=60230297151
p=3669023445616211 divides k=63635651859

So it looks like someone did that small 3669T-3670.8T range
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