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R7 k=700M-800M reached n=25K. 2063 k´s are remaining in this range; releasing this range.

Results can be found here

Range 800M-900M is at 19,2k and 900M-1G is at 17,6K.

Range 2M-10M is now at n=399k (a few more to pass 400K), found two primes since last update

4780002*7^368053-1 is prime! (311048 decimal digits, P = 3)  Time : 700.341 sec. (shortly after the update!)
5333174*7^380887-1 is prime! (321894 decimal digits, P = 5)  Time : 726.703 sec

I will do a new sieve file soon, hoping it will speed things up
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