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Assuming GIMPS project or related (OBD, double mersennes, etc):

Try some Colab free cloud computing and many different assignment types & applications, on CPU and on GPU when you can get one, learn what you like before you spend anything.

Own NVIDIA RTX, or GTX1650, for TF, which does not need DP, nor much GPU ram.
AMD GPUs for DP performance for everything except TF; 8GB GPU ram is enough for up to 500M P-1 stage 2;
enough CPU & ram to service the GPUs & do a little local mprime / prime95/mlucas.
For more than 3 GPU P-1 simultaneously, Windows needs more than 16 GB CPU ram, so get a Mobo that allows at least 32.
It doesn't take much CPU power to keep multiple RadeonVIIs or equiv (RX6900XT) happy & well fed. I have a Celeron G1840 doing that duty with Radeon VIIs.

Be cautious about loading heavily a CPU and motherboard with multiple GPUs. CPU plus IGP maxed out by prime95 and mfakto respectively blew out VR components on a mobo, with arcing & a little flame, not good for the GPUs etc. An i7-4790 did that on an Asrock BTC Pro 2.0. And its replacement.

I've enjoyed the economy and features that buying used workstations offers (designed for maintainability; dual Xeons; lots of ram; ECC ram for reliability; economical enough to pay for years of electricity; good documentation and in-chassis labeling; enough space & power for multiple GPUs)

Those that are savvy enough to write the leading software know that GPUs offer more throughput/$ or watt.

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