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Originally Posted by Mattyp101 View Post
I have been attempting to set up a home PRPnet server, but it hasn't worked too well. I've set up the MySQL server OK (I think), and the database and the tables. However, when I try to add a file with prpadmin it comes up with this:
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] 28: nothing was received on socket after 10 seconds
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] Could not verify connection to localhost.  Will try again later.
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] Error opening socket
I'm not sure, but I feel this might be a problem with the fact that I'm using the windows app, virtualized in linux. But when I attempt to build it from source it comes up with many compiler errors.
Any chance of someone showing me where I'm going wrong.
Is the server starting up correctly? For example, do you see "waiting for connection port xxx" after you start it up? When running prpadmin, you need to set the port (the port specified by the server), then specify the password (also in prpserver.ini). If that doesn't work, turn on logging on the server and use -debug on the command line in prpadmin then send me the logs.

Regarding the compiler errors, are you talking about building on Windows or Linux?
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