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Default Setting up PRPnet

I have been attempting to set up a home PRPnet server, but it hasn't worked too well. I've set up the MySQL server OK (I think), and the database and the tables. However, when I try to add a file with prpadmin it comes up with this:
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] 28: nothing was received on socket after 10 seconds
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] Could not verify connection to localhost.  Will try again later.
[2011-02-07 09:52:29 GST] Error opening socket
I'm not sure, but I feel this might be a problem with the fact that I'm using the windows app, virtualized in linux. But when I attempt to build it from source it comes up with many compiler errors.
Any chance of someone showing me where I'm going wrong.

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