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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
To issue #1:

I've tested the following with the DOS-script downloadable in the first post:
the client and server are there and set up for a local test, knpairs contains 20 pairs.

-> all is OK!

So please Tim, test this again on your PC and post your result here!
I have just confirmed that this works. All exactly as you said, except that you left out doing "do -c" (kar_bon: corrected in that post, thanks!), and another minor thing (detailed after the next quote). As the .bat is unchanged, I must conclude there was something wrong with one or more of:
my client files/folder (which may very well be, as I started it with the files of the and then added do.bat and the files along with it),
the server I'd been connecting to (seems unlikely)
the connection between my client and the server (seems unlikely, unless anything about the way do.bat communicates doesn't work with the LLRnet server G6000)

I'm currently using the test folder (the one I set up to run your test, which I know to be in working order) to run a number from G6000, so I can use do -c to return it and make sure it all works. Assuming it does, that means that whatever the problem was was probably mainly my fault (due to the aforementioned mix-and-match). Edit: yes, it worked correctly. It returned one candidate (of 5) and canceled the other 4. It doesn't really tell me everything that's going on, but at least it worked. Here's all it said:
| LLRnet client V0.9b7 with cLLR V3.8 |
| K.Bonath, 2010-02-10, Version 0.71  |

Current configuration:
server = ""
port = 6000
username = "Mini-Geek"
WUCacheSize = 5

        1 file(s) copied.
[2010-03-29 17:23:43]
Cancelling : 2201/548954 (30000000000000:M:1:2:258)
[2010-03-29 17:23:43]
Cancelling : 2205/548954 (30000000000000:M:1:2:258)
[2010-03-29 17:23:44]
Cancelling : 2295/548954 (30000000000000:M:1:2:258)
[2010-03-29 17:23:45]
Cancelling : 2421/548954 (30000000000000:M:1:2:258)
[2010-03-29 17:23:45]
No more job to cancel !
All jobs canceled!
(those 4 were the canceled ones) It'd be preferable to say something like "Returning 2195/548954" before the cancellings, followed by a "1 pair returned, 4 pairs canceled" message.
Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
- server folder: after calling  'simplify.bat':
  - joblist.txt contains 12 pairs, all 'solved'
- calling 'simplify.bat' again:
  - joblist.txt contains empty list
I only called simplify.bat once, (after the server shut down, if that matters) but joblist.txt was immediately empty. I hope this isn't too big of a problem.
(kar_bon: I should make a note in the README.txt of the download-zip to use 'simplify' twice for that!)

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