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re: Thomas' idea, it's a tough spot. NPLB does not have the resources to test all of 1400-3000 even to keep up with 5000th place, but Gary is nothing if not territorial and rather unlikely to quietly cede any of that range. If I am wrong about his interests and they realize they can't do it all, I'd vote for 2000-2300- that way, we'd have 5-300, 1001-1300 (peter), 2001-2300.
If you want to go with 2001-2300 then, in this instance, I would be surprised if Gary does anything, as he effectively give up on k>2000 in favour of prioritising k=1400-2000. The NPLB Drive that covered k>2000 was terminated several month ago. However note that I have already searched 15 k's in this range to n=1M and a few others are already reserved by RPS members.

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