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Originally Posted by dave_0273
The only way that I know to do what you are asking is to do it manually.

1) Reserve the exponents from primenet. (which you have already done).
2) Change all of the exponents from test= lines into factor=lines (simply replace "test" with "factor"
3) When all exponents have finished being factored, manually comunicate with primenet.
4) Either when they are all finished, or as each exponent is finished place the exponents in the second computers worktodo file as a test= line again, making sure that you put in the new factoring bit into the worktodo line otherwise it will want to do it again.
5) When the LL test is finished, manually connect to primenet again.
Thanks, that's pretty much what I needed. If my factoring computer finds a factor of Mp, will the corresponding exponent automatically get deleted from my LL computer?

A couple of things to consider, unless your first computer is significantly slower than your LL test computer, the LL test computer could become a "bottleneck" (for lack of a better word).
Not significantly slower, but running less frequently.

Also, unless you are getting 33M+ exponents, most of them will already be factored up to primenets limit.
They are 33M+ exponents

Also, make sure that you are getting exponents to LL test on your first computer. Don't get factoring exponents because then the server will only expect for you to factor them.
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