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Originally Posted by junky
hi guys, im planning to buy a new machine to dedicate to NFSnet.
I've a good deal for an AMD XP 3500+, whatcha think about it exactly?
Anyone has a machine like that? Is it running fast? Any benchmarks?

I currently has a XP2400+ (which is 32 bits), and i think it's time to do a little upgrade.

My OS gonna be probably Windows XP.

I do not know anyone running nfsnet on an AMD64 box. I would expect it to be better than the Athlon but perhaps not spectacularly so.

Unfortunately, we do not have x86-64 development machines at the moment, so our clients are restricted to 32-bit binaries. I hope that situation will change relatively soon but, of course, can make no firm guarantees.

My next machine is also likely to be an AMD64 3500+ as that seems to hit the price/performance sweet spot. First, I have to fix my main machine, which scrambled its disk over a week ago. That's why I've been extremely quiet and unavailable by email.

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