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Wblipp, You are in the ballpark. The problem is that someone wrote an app to simulate traffic flow in an office and I can not accept the mechanism it uses. It is a Poisson algorithm that simulates traffic flow in a multifabric environment. The current algorithm does not allow the granularity that I need to manipulate this office. My job is to balance the traffic across both fabrics and without overloading any of the peripherals handling the traffic. I have to model the traffic by fabric and also by peripheral. I want to write an equivalent algorithm that will simulate traffic by peripheral instead of by fabric. The two are equivalent at the office level, but "the devil is in the details" as they say.

I've made a bit of progress today. Within a week I should have this resolved.

Bob, Thank you for the info on the book. I am going to order a copy. It looks like something I can actually use!


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