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I'm heading off on a trip with the wifey-poo and daughter :-) leaving tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday evening. So next week I'd like to mess around and see how the cuda thing runs. At the moment I only have two cuda gpu's, having finally burned one up that just worked itself to death. The others are ATI cards. As I mentioned in my PM to Gary, I went reading the thread at PG and it was interesting. I do get the impression though that there is still some speed optimization issues, but then too it's very possible that the approach being taken, or the whole basic issue doesn't lend itself readily to parallel crunching... don't know cause I haven't messed with it. So one part did mention though that one was still faster than a quad so that's still a gain. But yup, I'm pretty hyped up about it after doing all that prior sieving the long slow hard way, this will be something new the experience. :-) Much of that testing was done on not-so-new cuda cards so those were still ripping along pretty good, considering. Then the new card like Gary's, I have no idea how those run as I haven't invested in one of them yet. :-)

edit: I see that the url above Max goes to the PG thread. The two linux ppsieve(cuda) at the top are the early initial testing source for linux. Farther down in the thread they are talking about XP. Is there any precompiled binaries for XP for the cuda card, and if so, which cuda release is it running under... 3.1??

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