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I'm in favor of starting a team sieve on k=400-1001 right away with GPUs if Bruce and Vaughan are available with them. From what Max is indicating, 9 GPUs would do amazing things with such a sieve. Here is what I would do:

1. Sieve k=400-1001 to P=140T.
2. Combine k=300-400 (already sieved to P=140T) from the individual-k drive with k=400-1001.
3. Continue sieving k=300-1001.

That will save some future testing time on k=300-400 also.

Optimal depth might be something ridiculous like P=500T or 750T but it would take us no more GPU hours than it would CPU hours to get to P=140T for the entire range.

All of this begs the question of resources though. Is one GPU like one CPU core? If so, we really only have about 10-15 total GPU cores that we could throw at it at this time and I wouldn't want to monopolize Bruce's and Vaughan's GPU hours so it would be less available "cores" than that.

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