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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
yup, I know, a voice from the past. :-)

So where can I find a current linux llrnet client? How about a linux prpnet client? Are these 32-bit or 64?

I used to bug Gary and Max about the double precision gpu's and wondering if any work had been done on utilizing them for sieving. Has any progress been made on that during the time I've been away from the project?
The latest LLRnet client can be found for both Windows and Linux at:

Ditto for PRPnet at: (yes, my instructions for that are kind of in a semi-outdated jumble by now...but you're already familiar with the setup so that shouldn't be a problem).

As for GPUs: this time we actually do have some progress to report in that area! Over the last number of months the PrimeGrid guys have developed a sieving program called ppsieve which comes in both CPU and GPU (CUDA, with OpenCL in alpha testing too) versions. Even the CPU version is supposed to be quite a bit faster than sr2sieve for the k-heavy sieves NPLB does, so we're eager to try that our on our next big sieve (k=400-1001, n=1M-2M--planned for the somewhat near future).

As of yet there isn't a GPU application for doing LLR tests, but does exist a program that can do the closely-related LL tests (used by GIMPS) on CUDA GPUs. We're hoping that it can be modified for LLR tests. To that end, Gary has picked up an nVidia GTX 460 GPU on which we can help with testing such an application (and in the meantime, crank out some serious sieving).

Are the GPUs you have ATI or nVidia? Either should be able to help with sieving, though the OpenCL/ATI ppsieve is still in the active development phase and may be a bit of an adventure to work with.

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