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Originally Posted by Naintroll View Post
Is it over-clocked? No

What i can make ?
Without question, your computer is not 100% healthy.

It is possible your RAM is going bad. It is possibly your CPU is going bad. It is possible your Mother Board (MB) is going bad. (In order of likelihood from my past experience.) Your Hard Drive(s) (HD) don't enter the equation.

(Actually, to be pedantic... Your HDs would only enter the equation if your machine was paging out (using virtual memory) for prime95/mprime. But if that's the case, you've got some other serious issues with that machine that you need to deal with.)

Is this new? As in, have you previously been completing LL / DC checks without these errors on this machine?

Regardless, my advise is to *not* trust this machine for anything important; at least until you swap out (or reseat) the above components and these errors no longer occur.

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