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Default Re: GigaHertz / P90 years currently committed to GIMPS

Originally Posted by Roy_Sirl
Is there a report that shows the current processing power by account?

The Top Producers reports has a column for P90 CPU hrs/day but I think this is calculated from the account creation date (and today's date) and the work completed since that day. So as people upgrade machines, or add new machines and complete more work the figure increases but doesn't tell you the current processing power committed to the project.

So for my account with one 850 , one 1500 and one 2533 running 24/7 that's 4883Mhz committed to GIMPS or perhaps 2676 P90 CPU hrs/day. My account lifetime average is only 417 hrs/day because I just ran one 475Mhz AMD for the first year or so.

It would be fascinating to see a list ranking accounts by current processing power to see how my current set up compares.

I think that the TPR stats pages will help you.
Top 100 page shows how much you've produced last week or last month.
After this you just have to multiply properly the figures. For example:
say you've got 10 yrs last month. So at that pace you'll get roughly 120 yrs in a year that is equivalent to 2880 P90 Cpu hours a day (120*24)
As George says: ''Hope that helps" .
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