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You are thinking too much like a honest guy.

Just make a list of 100 lines of "no factor for exponent xxxx from aa to bb [mfakto blah blah]" with Notepad, and send it to the server. It will be digested and you will get the credit. No need to do any work. Or pick an ECM assignment (3 curves is enough) and do it with P95 offline, so it won't be able to submit, then submit the results manually, but before submission change from "3 curves" to "150 curves". They generate the same checksum, and you even have a valid assignment key. Otherwise how do you explain some guy like NOOE (that with the palindromic name) going from zero to hero in the ECM lifetime top lists in such a short time? (the same guy who both LLed and "double checked" the largest exponent, ~383M, or so, George said he knows the guy and he is not faker, but let me doubt).

I mean, I am also a bit of "credit whore", but in different direction: I like to get the right credit I worked for, but I won't go so far as deliberately falsifying results. Other people do. This subject is over-debated, if you look around in the forum. At the end, they don't cause too much damage, as all exponents will end up either with a factor, or with a double/triple check done by independent users. The only "bad" things is that in case a factor is missed because the range was fake-reported, then someone will lose few days with a LL test which would not have been needed if the factor would have been known.

[edit: it may be nice to know which assignments your guy fulfilled, they are not many, and if reasonable, I can repeat them with my farm. I say "if reasonable", because he may be doing low-expos, where lots of P-1 and ECM was done, and the chances to find factors are much lower. This would also justify the high credit, for example doing 100k expos to 63 is the same effort as doing 100M to 73 (a 2^10 factor in both cases), but the chances to find a factor is null in comparison. Doing this, he gets high credit, and invests even more time, as the tools to factor lowexpo ranges are not so proficient, think about mfaktc, which is doing 400GHzD/D on out frontline TF, but it will only do 200GHzD/D or so, on the same card, for low expos].

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