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I started sieving a month ago for all x where 30000 <= x < 40000 (and y < x). Sieving is very slow for such a large range. I will not continue sieving this range or test it at this time. If someone else is interested, please let met know. I will post the file of terms if there is interest. It is only sieved to about 2.6e9 and still has 5.6 million terms in the range.

I am still sieving for 20000 <= x < 30000 (and all y < x). This is also going very slowly. I doubt it will be sieved deeply enough before I finish for x < 20000, but I can split off small y (since those tests are faster) and continue sieving. It is really hard to estimate how much time it will take to test that range because test times vary considerably. It will have around 4 million terms in it. I don't know how far I will test it, but I want to test to x < 25000.

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