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As per my examples, when p = n has been reached, I expect the output file to be sieved to n (and you have said that my expectation is correct). Instead, the program is saying p ~ 200000 but the output file is not sieved to ~200000 but, rather, to 17. An hour later, p (supposedly, if the program value is to be believed) has advanced by thousands but the new output sieved-to number is still 17. There is no correspondence, so yes, either the sieved-to-number is wrong or the "p=" number in the console is wrong. I can't fathom either possibility which is why I had rather expected you to say that my understanding of the correspondence was incorrect.
I see what you are saying. The issue is with the build that you have. There was an issue where it was not choosing the correct value for display on the screen if running multiple threads. The file is to be believed.
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