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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
I just upgraded my Fedora from 33 to 34. Every time I upgrade, something more annoying has been done.
I hear you. Loud and clear.

The reason I was effectively forced to try Ubuntu as a workstation solution is because I was limping so badly along with a Fedora 33 boot set that the next Kernel upgrade would have resulted in my being unable to boot.

No joke on that.

This was a worthwhile exercise (at least, for me).

For the record... This conclusion is very subjective. I have simply personally decided that Ubuntu as a MATE workstation is not to my liking. ***WAY*** too unstable when human-facing as a workstation.

Pressing the reset button...

For me (which I will document), the next exercise will be a "fresh install" for the latest Fedora "Mate Spin".

P.S. I find it somewhat amusing that I having this conversation while I continue to rebuild so many Winblows 10 installations because they are for some reason self-destructing.

P.P.S. No joke on my P.S. Possibly statistically significant?

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