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Default Formal notice. And, thanks for wasting my time...

Ubuntu Mate has been fired!

I jumped through all the hoops. Upgraded to ubuntuMATE21.10 (as I am always reminded of by way of the cute little auto-run pop-up thing).

The last straw was when I was away from my workstation for a little while on a voice call. The screen blanker started. But seemed to be working in slow motion.

While the sun was in my eyes outside of my office, Ubuntu decided it would be a really good idea to lower the contrast on my screens as part of an animated "fade out". But, for some reason, this was taking (literally) hours.

Please forgive me for this, but FSCK me! This is almost as bad as Winblows demanding an update when the human is in front of a lot of people.

Me Human. You software stack. Do what I tell you to do, or (PLEASE) get out of my way.

Next up is FC35. I have the ISO ready to lock-and-load.
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