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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Well, as a joke that clearly fell flat!
The more serious underlying point was that other Linux distributions
offer more control of the details during installation than Ubuntu does.
"Not sure if I'm missing something," Must have. . .

I settled on Ubuntu after trying a lot of other distros, but not an exhaustive trial. Ubuntu had some things others didn't, like zlib1g-dev in its repositories. OTOH, I had noticed the missing gcc odditiy, but g++ brought it in as a dependency. One of the bigger issues was that, way back then, only Debian and Ubuntu would run headless according to anything I could find through research and trial. But, after well over a decade, I'm still really only a beginner with linux, finding out quite often of easier ways to accomplish things via items that were already there in the OS.

An Ubuntu trend that has really started to annoy me is the increasing "Ubuntu needs to restart to finish" messages after normal upgrades. Try running into that all the time for an entire set of machines across a varied crop computer farm.

OTOH, the Fedora developers are watching my every click and keystroke on a normal workstation so they can incrementally remove (and sabotage) more of what I use with each upgrade. (serious joke)
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