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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I have just installed Ubuntu Desktop for the first time, and most of it went smoothly.
The installation process has been oversimplified somewhat. For example, you can
take full control of disk partitioning in order to preserve existing partitions, but later
when you create a user account, you cannot set its user ID. So at the end you
still have all your old files but they might not belong to you anymore!
Setting a static IP address even for a wired Ethernet connection counts as a
user setting not a system setting, which is a strange design choice.
The GUI program for installing software does not appear to have heard of gcc,
which is rather poor. Still, it gets you to learn about Debian packages and apt.
Installing Signal was easy, which is a bonus.
Not sure if I'm missing something, but changing ownership is a simple "sudo" command: chown. It can work on an entire directory.
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