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Originally Posted by Zhangrc View Post
Yes if you want to find more factors, no if you want to save more time.
The recommended TF depth is only 2^76 for exponents from M107M to M119M. It'll definitely cost a lot more time to go up to 2^78.

I'm running P-1 on M115173323, the P-1 with B1 = 700,000 and B2 = 26,000,000 will only cost 8 hours on my machine.

TF from 2^76 to 2^77 will cost 132.88 GHz days on GPU
TF from 2^77 to 2^78 will cost 265.76 GHz days on GPU

Ask ViliamF, he has a lot of more experience than I do, that was what he told me. Apply the corresponding higher P-1 bounds if raise the TF bits.

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