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Originally Posted by Zhangrc View Post
The bounds are a little high, though.

Not that high. It's about 0.04/(2/78) = 1.56 times higher.
It's a little high with the trial factoring up to 2^76 but not too high for 2^78. The quadruple chance is when running with the larger P-1 bounds.

The higher trial factoring depth should be balanced with the larger P-1 bounds. I'm running P-1 with B1 = 1,000,000 and B2 = 40,000,000 with TFs up to 2^78 all the time.

If I want my TFs to go up to 2^79, then B1 = 1,600,000 and B2 = 65,000,000. When work the TFs up to 2^80, B1 = 1,900,000 and B2 = 90,000,000.

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