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Default Trial factoring to > 2^77?

Nowadays people mainly do trial factoring in the two-k project (which I have very little interest), and GPU72 is releasing TF assignments to 2^76 and seems very reluctant to give any higher bounds. However, there are hundreds of thousands of unfactored exponents in the 107-119M range
So I suggest doing trial factoring to higher than 2^77, starting from 107M. My reasons are as follows:

1. Currently most of the GIMPSChina members, such as arpcar, 1997rj7, Neutron3529 and I are doing wavefront factoring, but out throughput is rather small, so more help is welcome.

2. Even excluding SRBase and TJAOI, the trial factoring progress is currently at a rate of 1e8 GHZd/year, while the rate of PRP tests is at 5e7 GHZd/year. (If only half of the people focused on PRP wavefront, we would have done to 2^78.) And there are about 140,000 exponents waiting for TF, with approximately 140 GHZd per exponent, so they add up to 2e7 GHZd. These could be finished in less than a year.

3. Some ranges, like 108.3M, has 2098 unfactored exponents. If we do no more TF and use normal P-1 bounds (4% chance of a factor), Those ranges will eventually enter the two-k project. At that time, we could save no more PRP (maybe except for a few LL DCs) by finding a factor. It's definitely better to do it now.

4. Many people prefer TF over PRP on their GPUs for many reasons. Not only because TF earn credit faster, but it also takes up very little disk space (2MB) and writes checkpoints frequently (so less work lost) and easier to setup. If we only focus on recommended bounds, there will be a time when some people have to do TF far away from the wavefront or doing nothing at all.
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