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Default Making the transition to Ubuntu...

So, I find myself in a situation where I'm having to stand up a bunch of "public-facing" LAMP stacks. The usual routine; can't be hacked. Maintainable by others. Etc, etc, etc.

I recently decided to standardize on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS for all new server installs.

This is instead of CentOS / RedHat. There is simply too much uncertainty in that distribution space ATM, IMO. And I've been using RedHat and its derivatives for anything serious for more than 20 years.

Today I decided to "take the leap" for Ubuntu on the desktop as well. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well it went!

I installed 20.04.3 Mate Desktop on a small (500 GB) SSD using a spare machine, and made sure the install was "sane". I'm an old-school Mate GUI user; a consistent UX is critical for me. Don't do anything stupid like 3D warp the windows; just give me 36 virtual desktops spread across three monitors, and then get out of my way.

I then installed this new SSD into "Burrow" (my main workstation), and booted from the new device (using the BIOS boot options, of course).

Because my "real" home/ partition is on another device, after booting into Ubuntu I can then (from a text console (read: Alt-F1)) unlock (decrypt) the filesystem, and mount it on top of the /home/ mount point in the Ubuntu file-system.

This also means I can flip back and forth between Fedora 34 and Ubuntu 20.04 whenever needed.

So far, things are looking good. I'm typing from the Ubuntu environment now. And, most critically, all my Mate Terminal SSH profiles are working, so I can connect to all my various servers.

I might add some additional posts to this thread over time, as I do a deep "making friends" session with Ubuntu getting the desktop (read: all needed software stacks) "fit for purpose".
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