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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
That would be a mess!

I would like to do a comparison between srsieve and srsieve2: How many CPU hours did it take you to run that full sieve?

Here is what I did: I sieved P=715M-1G in ~8.5 hours on 4 cores. So that's ~34 CPU hours for a P=285M range. Extrapolating: If I sieved the entire range we'd have: 1000M total-range / 285M range that I sieved * 34 CPU hours = ~120 CPU hours. To be fair, add about ~10% since the higher P-ranges sieve faster. Therefore:

I estimate using srsieve it would have taken me ~135 CPU hours to sieve S548 for n=2.5K-10K to P=1G.

How does that compare to how much CPU time that it took you running srsieve2?
With -W16 around 20h if its working.
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