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Originally Posted by rebirther View Post
R546 tested to n=2.5k + sieved to 1G (2.5-10k)

75963 remain

cant sieving higher than 715M

Results emailed - Base released
srsieve2 must not be working correctly. The file shows that it is sieved to P=715754497. Yet when I run srsieve on the file it is not removing factors at that sieve depth. This means that the file has already been sieved deeper than that.

I will attempt to sieve the file to P=1G using srsieve and see what point it starts removing factors.

I see that you have been having difficulty sieving to P=1G with srsieve2 for the last several large files with nearly 100,000 k's remaining. It might be time to consider srsieve again.
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