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OK, thanks Max. That makes sense to me now about verifying all non-top-5000 primes. Actually, I think I did that in the past for k<2000; at least for n<200K. But I didn't do it for k=2000-3000 for n=50K-250K. Good idea Karsten.

I had thought about what you guys said here a little late last night and today. I agree now. It makes sense to give it good visibility. Good thinking there. I like the idea of posting it in the news with a link to its own thread. There's enough in the "LLRnet servers for NPLB thread" already. The new "Updated/improved (or whatever) LLRnet client" thread can be used as both a question/answer thread as well as for large-scale beta testing with associated issues ironed out.

Assuming the Linux README has been tweaked as per the previous issues and Max has reviewed Karsten's documentation for grammar/English and made any appropriate changes, do it!

Exciting times lie ahead!

Karsten, once again, thank you for a great idea! Your original design really only needed a small amount of modifications from the time that you conceived of it. Max, once again, thank you for quickly converting Karsten's Windows logic into a very workable Linux client that also only needed small modifications to make it work completely correctly. The original concept and design on both sides was excellent to start with and when that happens, it usually makes for relatively easy testing and good software at the end. As many issues as we found, they were really very small ones.

This was a smashing success in just a month and now we have something that we'll be able to use for years to come!

It even deserves a few of my favorite dancing Georges:

Let's rock!


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