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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
As the number of collected relations grows, there are four "zones":
1) far too few relations; then -nc1 doesn't produce cycles and asks for more relns => Sieve some more;
2) (rarely visited; you are here!) almost enough relations; -nc1 makes cycles, -nc2 builds a matrix, cleans it up and then the matrix is not useable => Sieve some more;
3) convergent zone; here's some freedom of choice: with more relns, the matrix gets better and better, but it is well established that you generally do not save any overall time anymore => Build the matrix and do -nc2, -nc3
4) far too many relations => trim free relations from the end of .dat file (these are short lines), then trim some more, goto zone 3). But not too much or you will end up in zones 1-2)
does this help?

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