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Default No more dodecaproth for n=52

I've searched the full range for n=52 to find all dodecaproth.
Here is the full report: on Pentium4 Celeron 1.7 GHz:
C:\>dodeca_1_0 52 1 4503599627370495
You can also find the k n values in results_dodeca.txt file ( These are 3-probable primes )
n=52, kmin=1, kmax=4503599627370495, version=1.0
Starting the sieve...
Using the first 10 primes to reduce the size of the sieve array
2808528662035845 52
The sieving is complete.
Number of Prp tests=613089
Time=8917 sec.

Ps. I've verified all 12 numbers are primes.

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