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Originally Posted by jasong
100,000 to 100,000,000,000 reserved

I'm just sieving and I'm not sure how fast the twin option will sieve them out. I may change my reservation in a couple hours.

Sorry if I'm annoying anyone.
Unfortunately, only ranges above 100,000,000 are available (for LLR testing, see range reservations thread). Gribozavr has sieved everything from 100,000,000 until 5,000,000,000, but you're welcome to sieve after 5 billion or LLR test after 100 million. If you choose the sieving option, PM me, and sieve only to 20 billion (there's a really high chance we'll find a twin prime before 20 billion).

It's not entirely your fault for choosing that range, though. My first post in this thread said "currently, all ranges above 100,000 are available". I wanted to edit this many times before, but the site doesn't allow me to edit after 15 minutes. Therefore, you'll have to check the "range reservations thread" for updates.
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