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Default Project instructions

Gribozavr has sieved range 100M-25G, so I've revised this thread.


1.) Download LLR from


2.) The n is fixed at 195000, and the base is 2. Choose any range of k. However, post your chosen range in this thread before starting on it, and choose the lowest range of k available (see "pre sieved range reservation thread). The ranges can be as large or as small as you want.

3.) Download your range (on the pre sieved range reservation thread). Move that file to the folder where LLR is in. Run the program, which will do the rest.

4.) After your range is complete, check LLR's output file to see whether you've found any primes. Post any primes in the "primes found" thread, even if they are not twin primes.
If you need additional help, feel free to post here.

5.) If you find a twin prime, PM me and e-mail Chris Caldwell (He's the creator of the prime pages. See and scroll to the bottom for his e-mail). Do NOT inform anyone else yet.

The reason for this is that I don't want someone else seeing that ?*2^195000-1 and ?*2^195000+1 are twin primes. That person may just submit it by himself to the prime pages, which means that he/she gets the credit. The actual person who found the prime and the project won't get any credit

Good luck!

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