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Originally Posted by BillyB View Post
Why are you so offended by this? And no, you have me all wrong. How would anything new be created if it werenโ€™t for new ideas?
1) I am not in the least offended.
2) I agree whole-heartedly.

That said, please define the function which has been called "BillyB".

Here is a first take, based on what I have read so far. I am very far from infallible so my definition may be completely wrong.

Let x and y be real numbers.

BillyB(x, y) = x/y for all x, y where x and y are both non-zero.
BillyB(x,0) = 1 for all x not equal to zero.

At the moment I have no idea of the value of the only remaining case, viz BillyB(0,0).

Please enlighten me. This is especially true for the third case, "0/0".

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