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Calling disenfranchised voters "an angry mob" is sick beyond belief. Well, not really. It seems about par right now. "Angry mob" justifies gassing, spraying, clubbing, and whatever else occurs to the officer who "fears for his life" before deploying potentially lethal instruments of torture against citizens who are peacefully assembled. People who are trying to vote, at a polling place which is supposed to "serve" 616,000 registered voters, in a county where half of the state's black population reside, have considerable justification for being angry. Sicking Armored Empire Troopers on VOTERS(!) seems almost inevitable now.
This article is incomplete. This article has more information on who is imposing the limits and a lawsuit.

This article details the results of the lawsuit.

On Thursday evening, a federal judge rejected an effort to add polling places in the state’s largest counties, citing a legal standard discouraging last-minute court intervention in election procedures.
State Rep. Jason Nemes (R) and voters from each of the state’s five largest counties filed the lawsuit, saying the consolidation of polling places could lead to voter disenfranchisement.
But on Thursday, federal judge Charles R. Simpson III of the Western District of Kentucky ruled that the new election procedures for the primaries do not constitute an infringement of voting rights under the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act.
Apparently the decision to do this was done in March so there is no way they could have anticipated what happened in Georgia. Nevertheless one would think that the decision was a bad one from the beginning they have 2 polling places covering about 25% of the population and 198 for 75% of the population. I do commend the state trying to "get the word out", but no matter what happens, I know that Republicans are thrilled about this. It will be interesting to see if they will fix this by the November election.
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