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There's going to be some fascinating statistics coming out of all this, given the different reactions state-by-state to the growing pandemic, the different populations, and different population densities. As of yesterday, the comparison of California and New York is interesting- At 39.5 million people, CA has twice the population of NY (19.5 million), yet CA has 4.6 Covid cases per 10,000 people, while NY has more than 17 times that, at 80.7 cases per 10,000 people. Both states have dense population centers (CA has Los Angeles and the SF Bay area), and NY has Manhattan, of course). As business centers, both states have a lot of international travel in and out, so there probably isn't a big difference regarding when Covid was first introduced in each state. Wonder how much of that 17 times difference is in the reaction (or lack thereof) in New York City. Looking like CA did a good job.
The testing regimens differ. You can't compare so easily.
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