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Originally Posted by wombatman View Post
Thanks for posting that.
I was lucky enough to obtain at a very good price long ago, in excellent condition, volumes 1 through 3, from a local university book store that no longer exists.

My copy of his Volume 2 (c)1969 has taken up residence on my coffee table.
My Volume 1, from the 1975 second printing, indicates the planned set would contain 7 volumes:
Volume 1, Fundamental Algorithms;
Volume 2, Seminumerical Algorithms (this is where things like "how fast can we multiply" are found; seems pretty thoroughly numerical to me;)
Volume 3, Sorting and Searching
Volume 4, Combinatorial Algorithms
Volume 5, Syntactical Algorithms
Volume 6, Theory of Languages
Volume 7, Compilers
It's unfortunate he will run out of time to do such excellent work.
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