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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
Demonstrating that once you perfect the leakproofness of liquid-filled heatpipes, convection bests conduction every time. Now to address your latter point, if one could kill 2 techno-birds with one stone by way of a liquid-battery technology which allows the entire battery to act as a convective heat pipe, that would be sweet.

Might simply be a kind of "dyslexic Mondays" phenomenon - When I first viewed today's Reuters top story summary e-mail, I was startled and rather amused to read about Powerful tomatoes striking in four central U.S. states. "Statewide pasta sauce flooding expected" as a result, no doubt.
Those central states must have mightily PO'd the FSM.

The heat pipe battery is an interesting idea. A friend I sent the story to pointed out graphene lithium ion research. Not exactly liquid, but much higher energy density plus incredibly rapid recharging.
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