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Processing and verification of all results files up to n=380K is now complete for drive 1. All primes were checked vs. the 1st post of drive 1, Karsten's NPLB drive 1 page, and Karsten's k=300-2000 page. He is still working on entering primes and updating ranges on his pages.

All ranges have been completed and all primes have been entered at Primesearch with the exception of k=411 that I am working on now.

I will be complete with a couple of file reservations by Saturday for n=393K-395K on drive 1, which is all that is remaining up to n=400K there. I will then start the process for n=380K-400K.

Anon has found some missing results in an LLRnet range for n=373.8K-400K for drive 3. Everything had previously been checked for that drive up to n=360K. Once testing is done and the missing results are processed, I'll then start the above process for n=360K-400K for drive 3.

Within < 2 weeks, we should have everything complete, checked, and entered in all locations up to n=400K!!

On Primesearch, we are now 3rd on ranges completed, 5th on primes found, and....drum roll....FIRST on the # of digits in primes!

Way to go team!

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