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Default Results files, checking, & Primesearch reporting

I have now looked for all the results files that I have received on all drives for n=260K-393K. I have sent PM's and Emails when necessary to attempt to locate missing results.

If you haven't gotten a PM or Email from me, thanks for forwarding them all to me.

There were really very few missing results. On drive 3, I have ALL results for n=260K-373.8K!

In doing all of this, I was able to do the following for ranges where I had all of the results files:

1. Verification of ALL primes for drive 3 for n=260K-373.8K in post 1 of the drive thread, on Karsten's drive 3 web page, and on Karsten's Rieselprime page for k=300-2000. NO ERRORS OR MISSING PRIMES were found! Nice work Karsten for such a large range! Nice work Anon with the results files and helping keep post 1 of the thread updated!

2. Report all primes and ranges at the Primesearch site (that weren't already reserved by others) on drive 3 for n=260K-360K. I just completed that earlier today.

3. I previously verified primes for drives 1 & 2 for n=320K-340K in post 1 of the drive thread, on Karsten's drives 1 & 2 web pages, and on Karsten's Rieselprime page for k=300-2000. Once again, no errors or missing primes were found on his pages. I previously added one missing prime to post 1 of drive 2.

4. Report all primes and ranges at the Primesearch site for drives 1 and 2 for n=320K-340K. I completed that yesterday. I couldn't do it previously because the site kept having problems at the time.

I just need a few more straggling results files from 3 people to fully complete the reporting of n=260K-320K to Primesearch for drive 2.

With just this small percentage of ranges and primes reported complete to Primesearch, we're already 6th place on # of digits in our primes and 12th place both for prime count and ranges searched. Once I'm able to report n=260K-320K for drive 2, we may be near the top on digits and top 5 or better on the other 2 categories.

I now have reserved at Primesearch up to n=480K on drive 1 and up to n=420K on drive 2. It's a tedious time-consuming process to reserve them and report them complete for such a large # of ranges. I'll be glad when I can complete n=260K-320K.

I also reserved n=100K-260K for k=1-100 for our double-check drive. Even though all (or most) of the primes will have been found previously, they haven't been reported at Primesearch because k=1-300 was only added there in the last 1-2 years. It may as well get done now with our effort. k=300-1001 has already been completed at the site for the n-range. After I see how we are progressing on the double-check drive (I'll be adding 2-3 cores to it next week), I may reserve all or a portion of k=100-300 for the n-range. I try not to reserve anything that can't be completed in 2 months. Their ranges 'expire' in 2 months, which is really only a guideline that means the admin, at his discretion, can unreserve the ranges for you if he thinks they won't be done. (very rare I think)

Congrats to everyone on some nice work!

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