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Originally posted by Prime95
Do you mind if I ask you where the U.K. anti-war crowd is now focusing its efforts? It seems to me you could go in any of several directions (or all at once).
Inevitably some people are doing all of these things.

1) You could stay focused in the past recalling the horrors of the war, the on-going problems, and lamenting the decision to go to war.
Focussing on the past is pointless.

2) You could be after Blair's political head
There are a fair few doing that.

3) You could be rallying European countries to make the U.S. "pay" for its war efforts by boycotting U.S. products, frustrating U.S. diplomatic efforts, etc.
I don't think there's any great anti-American mood here. Even the most ardently anti-war people distinguish between the country and its leaders. I would continue to support or oppose American foreign policies on their merits.

4) You could be lobbying for or against an all-out reconstruction effort. I would think this is an especially troubling issue for the anti-war group as their compassion would make them favor reconstruction,...
If I were a citizen of a country which had not supported the war, I would lobby my government not to risk our citizens by assisting the policing/reconstruction of Iraq until the US hands overall control to the UN. America and the UK made the mess, as long as they remain in charge of it, they should be responsible for clearing it up.

But I am not opposed to reconstruction, which is clearly in everybody's interest. The issue here is whose job it is.

...but from their point of view the absolutely worst outcome of the Iraq war would be a successful reconstruction effort which might/would encourage the U.S. do it again in some other country.
It would surprise me if many anti-war people would think like that, (but what do I know about what other people think?) I opposed the war because I thought it was 1 unjustified, 2 unnecessary, 3 dishonest, 4 not in our national interest 5 not in the interest of the Iraqi people. None of those apply to the reconstruction of Iraq. Issues of 'encouraging' future agression is very much a secondary consideration. My hope is that Bush will be 'discouraged' by the American people booting him out of office at the first opportunity.

Have protests waned or are they building momentum? Is Blair a goner? Care to give us a U.K. news update?
Waned, inevitably, with the end of the the active phase of the war, though they were still able to field a 15,000 strong demonstration in London last week. Blair is weaker than he's ever been, but he's in no imediate danger, unless something unforseen and sensational comes out of the Hutton Enquiry, which seems highly unlikely at this stage. The main question seems to be whether defense secretary Hoon will survive.


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