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Originally posted by GP2

How do we interpret these results?

At low ranges (0M - 7M), just about every exponent has been double-checked, so the numbers are zero.

The numbers then rise sharply, peaking at 10M (not sure why).
The reason that so many exponents have not had P-1 done in the 10M range is that GIMPS was doing first-time tests in that range around the time the first P-1 version of Prime95 was released. A majority GIMPS users do not upgrade immediately and frequently to new versions, so it took a while before enough people had P-1 capable clients to do P-1 on almost of all the first-time exponents.

If the 9M range had not been mostly double-checked already, it would have even more exponents without P-1 than 10M because most of the 9M exponents were already handed out before the P-1 capable client was available.
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