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Default Re: Re: Exponents that haven't had a P-1 test done

Originally posted by Xyzzy
Over the last month I did several thousand of these (I think up to around 1.5 million or so)... I chose ones that had never had P-1 stage 2 testing done... But I'm not sure if the work I did is reflected in the status files yet...
Well, I did a few P-1 tests and submitted them through the manual form at and the data was always reflected in the next weekly-or-so version of PMINUS1.TXT (or FACTORS.CMP in the cases where a P-1 factor was found). But I only did P-1 testing of exponents that had never had any P-1 test done, however small the bounds. I never redid an old P-1 test with larger bounds. Still, that shouldn't be a problem.

Instead of working through the old exponents, though, it would benefit GIMPS more to do P-1 testing just ahead of the leading edge of double-checking, because this can save redundant LL double-checks by low-memory machines. If this we can keep ahead of the leading edge of double-checking, then no exponent will ever again have 2 LL tests done with no P-1 test having been done.

As mentioned in my previous message, there's a smooth plateau at 14M+ where it will be very easy to ensure that P-1 trial-factoring keeps ahead of the leading edge of double-checking. But there's a fairly big hump at 10-11M, which it would be useful to tackle. Once past that, there's plenty of leisure opportunity to systematically do the 2M range once again.
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