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Default Re: Error rate for LL tests

Originally posted by GP2
We also note:
So far, there is no evidence that error rates are increasing for larger exponents. The error rate remains steady around 3.5% - 4.0% over a broad range of exponents. Larger exponents have longer run times and thus we might expect more errors, but on the other hand newer machines run Windows XP and other modern operating systems with much better memory protection. So perhaps these effects cancel each other.
I don't think we can assume the error rate is not increasing based on the data. We should only consider ranges where all exponents have been double-checked. For ranges where this is not the case (7M to 10M), the error rates could be either artificially low or artificially high, so I think it is difficult to make a conclusion about them. Also I believe George significantly improved the error checking with one version of Prime95/mprime, so we would expect an improvement in the error rate for ranges that where checked more with newer version. This would not stop the error rate from continuing to go up for later ranges.
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