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GP2 -

for the following numbers:

 8276539 103  DF  7411192628700266363789140779170  18-Nov-02 00:48  Team_Prime_Rib Tasuke18
17699497 103   F  8254656556609760068242738155742  26-Mar-03 08:12  Team_Prime_Rib KL_MLChan
18129493 103   F  8754500160125057908417949485956  24-Feb-03 07:26  curtisc        wde3100-09
Since the bit length of these numbers is significantly above the upper limit for trial factoring, these must have been found by the P-1 factoring step. P-1 factoring can find composite factors of M numbers, and when this happens, the server factors the reported factor and saves only the smallest prime factor of the reported number, i.e. the smallest known prime factor of the M number.

This is probably what happened here.

On a side note, the reported factors are 66, 66, and 69 bits, respectively. This means the server has an upper limit on the number of bits it reports.

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